That’s quite a lot of breakfast

Morning, guys,

I’m a terrible mum for this blog since I’m feeding it photos only once in a while. No excuses though because they wouldn’t post more photos instead, would they? 🙂 Continue reading…
So here we have homemade hummus, oven baked marrows, corn flakes, low fat milk, hot chocolate cream and yes, coffee.

This is a very healthy breakfast except for the cup of chocolate. I’m currently on a detox diet so my breakfasts  are limited to a few goodies: almonds, apples, dried plums, green tea, blueberries, whole grain cereals and, of course, a cup of lemon water every morning. I let you know how that goes, but that means no more pancakes for a while, no chocolate, no granola, no eggs. But I’m thinking about some lovely toasties, we’ll see.

I’ve also bought the most delicious bread, it’s 100% bio, from Alnatura, it’s made only of rye grits and it’s just the one below:

I find all sorts of healthy stuff (and also natural cosmetics) in the DM stores, and in Bucharest you can find one on Bratianu boulevard, near Unirii. For buying oat or rye flakes, I recommend the regular Plafar, you find the same product, only three times cheaper.

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