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… it’s been hectic around here. I don’t think I remember last time I was so tired. The weekend now approaching makes me wanna quit to see the 2 concerts I had in my mind for this weekend. I will nevertheless visit Atelierul mecanic and taste the wonderful tarts which Agnes makes. I’m having simple coffee now, chewing on just a few minutes before getting dressed for work.

Our lists for the food fair are now closed and we are 13 (lucky number!) in the end. Great people, great food bloggers and, without a doubt, great cooks. I’m visiting Bruxelles and Antwerp at the end of March so if any of you has any tips on good places to eat or just visit or try something special there, I’d be grateful. All in all, I am sure it’s going great. 

Besides the pills I’m due to take because of some health issues, I guess this neverending winter tires me even more. The minute you think spring is here, you get only more snow. This reminds me of a public sign, half in snow, which said: “Whoever is praying for more snow, please stop”.
The amount of work this week seemed to double and so I just wish for a quiet Friday evening. I just realized I forgot to mention that last weekend I bought the new kitchen! There are still some things I have to buy, but what was more important has been bought. New oven probably in April since Bruxelles trip is not going to pay for itself. 

Which reminds me that it’s high time I left for work. Wish you all a warm weekend! 

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