Bad luck or whatever

I don’t really feel like writing about recent events, but I have to. We had to cancel the fair, we upset people and there was barely any room for us to look at what we have missed. At the end of the day, you can blame other people, you can think this field is not getting enough support, but you know it is all about the people (the right or the wrong ones) so you are also left with another choice: get better.

You assume responsibility for something you had nothing to do with, you say nothing even though you are bound to offer explanation and you let others throw mud at you. Beyond everything that happened, you stick to one principle: you treat respectfully even those who are being verbally aggressive. You just stay true to yourself and bear the guilt for the unexpected.

Later after the bad news, I also got into emergency room at the hospital. Romanian hospitals, unless they’re private, can get you very depressed and when you have to run tests and wait a thousand years in between, you really need to be with someone dear next to you. after one hospital, they rushed me to the same evening at another hospital and they only supposed I can wait and see if my state isn’t getting worse. test results due in 7 days instead of 3 because their testing kit has not yet arrived in Romania. my point exactly. it’s been 5 days since I’m staying indoors and it’s not fun. I get to go out tomorrow and I can’t wait to see a dozen of wonderful friends whom I terribly missed.

so as you can see, this week has been not that great. first, the fair being cancelled and later on the same day, the hospital trip. but we can only hope for better times and know that in times when things seem to fail you see who’s actually willing to still have trust in you.

I saw that spring’s asking for its rights. I hope it’s gonna be sunny tomorrow as well. fingers crossed!

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