Love Pavlova?

Photo from the great blog Ma Recreation

So so so, my super strict diet is approaching its end. Not only because my foodie personality turned the volume higher. And higher. Aaaand higher. But also because one cannot definitely go on dieting when one wants to bake. And bake. Aaaand bake. I guess you understood so far how my brain works. Yes, it’s thinking FEED ME COOKIES. ‘DIP’ ME IN A CHOCOLATE BATH. COOKIEEE! Yep, it says lunatic all over my face when I start talking about food. The only way curing that is, well, cooking.

So diet versus baking: 0 – 1. Also, I do have to mention that there has also been the influence of a friend who tempted me (mercilessly!) with a marzipan treat which I took and promised to share it once I’m done with this diet which, mind you, did work its magic, cleared my skin like no other and made me lose 3 kilos in only one week.

But here it goes: diet versus marzipan: 0 – 1. This song says it like no other. So when it comes about what’s a girl to do, well, she should enjoy everything and that everything ought to be AMAZING.

And then, of course, there’s the bunch of recipes I’ve been e-mailing to myself. But hey, Yahoo’s not gonna bake all those goodies. And yes, then there was Pavlova and I fell in love with it. This has to come out perfect from the oven and this is something which just has to be done. You know, one should know how to swim, light a fire, know to give first aid and cook Pavlova. Yes, I know it makes no sense, but you’ll wanna do it once you see this:

Hope you had fun reading this, I know I had while writing it!

Ah, almost forgot, here‘s the song you heard in the video.

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