I know someone who likes cheese pies quite a lot

So I’m a big fan of cheese pies because somehow they remind me of those my grandmother used to make which were, of course, so much tastier. What you see in the photo is actually a traditionally Romanian cheese pie and yes, I know you cannot see the cheese in it, but it’s there, take my word on it.

You know how lots of people are in search of their perfect favourite dish? Well, I’m currently searching for the perfect delicious cheese pie. I’m thinking that once I get some free time on my hands I should definitely try and make one. This weekend I plan on making bread for the first time. I already bought bio integral flour (flour that contains all the grain parts), grounds, flax seeds and caraway seeds (which I love especially in the biscuits). So as some of you might have noticed, I sometimes post my breakfast at night because in the morning before going to work I only have time for just taking photos of the breakfast before eating it. I also wanted to show you the shelf with the plates. Bad quality of the photo due to the neon light from the always dark kitchen.

But that’s pretty much all for today, I’m running late with some illustrations I have to finish by tomorrow morning so I go back to work now but not before letting you know that tomorrow, because it’s Friday, it’s pancakes morning!

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