Talk about perfect cups and bowls. Wishlist.

My birthday is in May, if anyone interested into surprising me with one of these lovelies down below. One thing I miss about travelling abroad is the possibility of buying this sort of beauties at more than reasonable prices. I found these on Anthropologie, a place where they usually have the most stunning dinnerware.


I am quite excited about a new series of breakfast recipes and to that adds the feeling that spring will soon be here. I have new plans for planting spices on the balcony and some cherry tomatoes and green salad as well. If you can use any space in your home as a small garden, do it. It’s just incredible to be surrounded by a green splendour. It completely changes your mood and positively influences your life.

The book Healthy Breakfast Recipes is also on my wishlist but since they don’t ship to Romania (yes, we are privileged), I will have to wait a while. It’s quite inspiring (partially disappointing) to see that this sort of cooking projects can turn into books. I’ve been writing several publishing houses about this possibility, but so far I got no asnwer. I’m thinking in 5 years time the editorial market will be more resourceful and bloggers in different fields will benefit from the chance of publishing their own books.

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