Short long story about granola, electric stove and morning coffee

 One of my friends (who happens to know plenty of things about electricity) told me to buy an electric oven. I almost immediately refused the idea. In my mind, a traditional oven was the best choice. However, after hearing how passionate bakers were talking about how electric stove was their best investment, I’m having second thoughts about this. After all, the cakes, the cookies, the home made bread, they all have to be close to perfection. What’s your opinion on this one? Traditional stove or electric oven?

You cannot see it in these photos, but I painted my kitchen in a very nice dark blue. It’s not finished yet since finally moving into your home takes more than you’d initially hope and daydream. Friends are pleased with it (despite of the old furniture still being there) but I want them crazy in love with something which will end up looking like a coffee house or a small cozy bakery store. More on that soon. Photos with every step is mandatory. I have been terribly busy lately. With the winter and every day work (and without a functional oven), preparing great foods was a real challenge. I was left with barely any spare time on my hands and I turned into eating cereals on a daily basis. I am not, however, a big fan of processed food. What’s even worse is that I bought all the wrong things for eating lunch at work. For me, lunch should be brunch with a twist, just something extra which makes it close to a lunch. If you have waffles in the morning, add some avocado at lunch and some boiled egg and turn it into a personalized waflle serving. Or prepare yourself a simple eggplant tortilla which you can make in 10 minutes and add a yogurt dressing with fresh mint and lime. This is something you can also have in the morning and it’s delicious.

Before you start thinking I put the wrong title for this article, I will say (once again) how my favourite breakfast is home made granola. I would never ever trade this for the cereals you find in stores. You already know the recipe I made several times so I want to share with you this granola recipe which I found on the great Orangette blog:

She described it as being an amazing mixture so I will have to try it. There are few things which taste better in the morning than home made granola. And you know I could go on and on about that but I just can’t resist mentioning the heart I accidentally captured in my cup of coffee one morning this week. There is, indeed, something beautiful in every day. And it starts with the morning.

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