Long story cut short: Spanish tortilla won over banana bread

This week I asked people what would they rather have for breakfast: Spanish tortilla or banana bread? Needless to say, they voted for the tortilla, while my craving for banana bread remained unfulfilled. However, friends enjoyed it and this darling one here even said that she could easily became a vegetarian if she keeps on serving my veggie dishes.

While the first dear friend above is a model, the next dear friend holding the plate is a DJ. I linked them both and I recommend you their pages as well.


I love it so much to cook in the weekend. There is no hurry, no stress about the next working day, just plenty of time for enjoying meals with friends. Later on we made soup, but that was already for lunch so Spanish tortilla was the right choice.

I will always also deeply love this way of understanding a rather different meaning of comfort food. While cooked with love (and cooking with love is far from being a cliche), the end result might really soothe your state of mind. It didn’t happen just once that after tasting the best soup in the world (it just happens to name like these all the soups that I make :p) to feel much better and see the world in much brighter colors. Thus, I would recommend anyone to cook a delicious food instead of barging into some who knows what artificial foods which although tastes good, has no positive effect on our body and mind.

Just looking at these photos and listening to perfect afternoon music make me appreciate once again the wonders I can identify in every day’s life. Because great, beautiful things happen every day. Have a good Sunday!

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  • Of course. This one has peas and corn in it, but you can add almost whatever you like, that's the beauty or the great taste of it.

    For this size (a regular pan) you will need about 4 eggs, 2 medium potatoes, one red onion, 2 tomatoes, about 100 grams sweet corn and peas. You boil the potatoes and all the other ingrediens you want to add and have to be boiled (like broccoli, spinach, carrots).

    In a pan (which is also oven safe) you cook the onion, the tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms and again, whatever you want to add and needs to be cooked. I add about 2 spoons of olive oil for frying. Once the ingredients are ready, add the boiled vegetables, mix them carefully and put aside.

    In a bowl, beat the eggs and add spices. Chilli is usually a must. Half of spoon is enough. Pour the egg mixture in the pan, on top of all the other ingredients. Don't mix any more, just cook it as a regular omlet. When it's almost done, put in the oven until it gets golden on top. Add parmesan and that's it. 🙂

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