A Chocolate Story:

I don’t even remember how I found this website called Was I searching for chocolate recipes? Was it a random meeting? Was it the sweet smell of chocolate? Was it this video which they shared on their blog together with a great series of interviews (chocolate related, yeah!)?

The Self-Taught Chocolatiers: NuNu Chocolates from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

I have no idea because my memory is not that great. I know broccoli is good for memory. I wonder if chocolate has the same effect. Ah, who cares about memory when you have instant happiness?!

Just watching this video made me once again want to buy some more chocolate on my way home but of course I am rather picky when it comes about it. I tend to like the simple one, I don’t like fruits in it, I don’t like the mint flavour. I do like, however, the green tea dark chocolate, the chilli chocolate, the almond chocolate (or other sorts of nuts involved).

This sort of business is well, risky business. I mean, it’s the ideal business. But I would most definitely get diabetes. I don’t believe in what they say about actually getting sick of cakes when you work in a pastry shop. Why? There is no such thing as getting sick of chocolate. This sentence, from my point of view, just hasn’t been invented yet.

But look at me, rambling about chocolate when all I wanted to tell you about was Zazou! Check it out, chocolate fans all over Romania (sadly for foreign reader, it’s written in Romanian, but they are doing an amazing job while writing about chocolate).

I wonder if this article needs any more tagging. I mean it already has all the chocolate it needs.

I would say “Cheers!”, but I just thought of a better word.


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