New arrival: Baby lemon tree made my day

I have no idea if there is such a thing as baby lemon tree. All I know is how happy I got this morning when I saw that three new little plants made their way in the pot where I had planted lemon seeds many weeks ago. I’ve been waiting and waiting and going around it every day, just hoping to see a sign of life. And almost 4 weeks later, there they were!

It may sound silly to get so excited over something like this, but I believe that only someone who plants flowers and trees can understand the joy of seeing how a plant grows. So now there are three baby lemon trees in one pot. That means extra care and separating them in different pots after they grow a bit more. And since IKEA trip is scheduled for this weekend, the timing is perfect!

Yes, I hope with all my heart that my lemon trees will look like that one day. I intend to keep two of them. Ah, the joy!

I have a suprise for all of you, details very, very soon! Today or tomorrow!

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