As you can very well see…

I have been posting once a week? Well, that’s a perfect example of what not to do to your blog. I have been eating every morning, but the same amount of yogurt with the same type of cereals. So it’s definitely redundant to post a photo with my breakfast now.

The fair approaching and people getting more and more excited about it, the work just piled up. I have been so glad to see how big the enthousiasm was. I am convinced this second edition will be amazing. Everything just fits into place and things are easily done when you work with the right persons. When someone saves the day with a great event poster, the other one comes up with the list and the PR successfully spreads the news, things can only be perfect.

Meanwhile, the every day job came with its own rewards which basically were opportunities to learn more things although this involves more work. Nothing one cannot survive, nevertheless.

I’m now struggling with a cold after 9 days of new treatment of antibiotics which apparently were not enough. I mean, aren’t these supposed to make your body virus proof? I guess not. I am waiting for spring because this just seemed the longest winter ever. I do remember warm 18 degrees days in March. Now I just wonder were are those.

We’ll also be having raw goodies at the fair and I’m extremely excited about those and eager to find out tricks and recipes.

Wish you all a great weekend and I hope to post new breakfasts soon!

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