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I love mornings, as you all know. And I love light in the morning but also a quiet hour when I can enjoy and celebrate the beginning of a new day. And Bruxelles is everything but the right place for starting your morning like this. I do like the city, but I cannot stop missing Paris. Of course, we already planned to revisit France this autumn or this summer (maybe august) because nothing really compares to that. Sure it’s crowded and not the cleanest city, but Bruxelles is disorganised, unnecessarily noisy and people just don’t seem relaxed. Well, that’s it about mornings here. About my new revelation and thoughts about what may change a person, you find on my personal blog.

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Scriu despre creativitate şi, săptămânal, despre cărţi. În tot acest timp, lucrez şi la cărţile mele. Pentru colaborări şi mai multe despre ce fac, vă invit să vizitaţi şi...

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