Santa Claus is coming to town


I’m a fool for Christmas. Last year everything seemed to be in such a rush. Christmas and Ney Year’s Eve passed by and I felt as if I didn’t cherish those holidays properly.

And yes, I’m well aware I’m writing this in October. But you know what? November’s right around the corner. And hey, in November we are so entitled to talk about Christmas. Plus, for me it’s already a month with several birthdays. So that means focusing on beautiful things like searching for presents while all the stores will be decorated already.

I never actually pointed my finger at the marketing side of the winter holidays. I enjoy every bit of it. Should I complain that the amount in stores triples? Seriously? 🙂 I leave that to the Grinches, I bet there’s plenty of them out there.

The central heating began dripping this morning yet, thank God, it’s still warm inside the house. Sure, I could get grumpy and believe this ruins my whole day and week but I wait for the plumber, happy that things are not worst and hoping for the best. Yet again, I guess that happens when you get used to pipes getting broken or things going wrong around the house. You just learn that in the end things will be just fine and that you will never get things fixed if you get angry. Things are just things, they break sometimes but these are things you can replace. The most important things in life are actually those you cannot replace and the ones you have to actually value. You know, like honest friendship.

These being said, I’m heading to my kitchen (sounds like I’m going on a mission) to make some cinnamon rolls.

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