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OK, so I’m interrupting this perfect morning to write you all about this perfect morning. 🙂 You don’t get them just like that, you have to make them so.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been myself lately. The same self, but just a little less of me. Whenever you put yourself out there, caring perhaps too much for others and worrying definitely too much about not getting other people upset, you end up disappointed and exhausted. Those strong connections all of a sudden seem thin, unstable, breakable. Something that even a draft could scatter.

So you need to work your way out of it and back to your own self. Knowing what your habits are. Those habits you like and that make you be you. And then, once you start enjoying your company again, once you reconnect and find that inner peace, once you remember nothing is lost and that everything is going to be okay, you are ready to embrace the whole new year.

So this morning is perfect. I had my coffee at home, so strong, so tasty. And then I got my favourite French magazine, December issue, newly put on the shelves. I had another coffee just one hour later and the question: “Do you want cinnamon in your coffee?” made my morning brighter.

I’m thinking sometimes this is all it takes. Just some cinnamon in your coffee.

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